ABB PMU Qc – Newsletter #5 – Chemicals/Pharma Industries

MB3000-CH50 ATR Analyzer for QA/QC and R&D applications

Infrared spectrometers have become commodities in most industrial and academic laboratories, for identification and chemical characterization of various unknown samples. For many years though, the analysis required preliminary “dilution” of the sample in an infrared-transparent matrix such a Nujol (liquid) or KBr (solids) to compensate the strong absorptivity of molecular vibrations in mid-infrared range and get enough signal on the detector. This sampling step was time-consuming and required special care. In recent years, the Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) principle has gradually replaced traditional sampling and largely simplified the acquisition of infrared spectra.

The MB3000-CH50 ATR Analyzer is a packaged solution that combines the analytical performance and low cost of ownership of the MB3000 series with the simplicity and ease of use of the MIRacle ATR accessory. Measurements do not require any solvent and are performed within a few seconds on a minimal volume of either liquid or solid sample. Fast identification of the analyzed sample can be performed thanks to the HorizonMB FTIR Library module that will perform instant search on a library of spectra and identify the best match. Customers can build their own library, or alternatively purchase one of the ATR FT-IR spectral libraries that are commercially available (polymers, additives, solvents, pharmaceuticals, pigments, cosmetics, etc…).

Please contact

INAXES Co., Ltd.

Tax ID : 0105552009290
32/81 Nuanchan Road Soi 12, Kwaeng Nuanchan, Khet Bungkoom, Bangkok 10230 Thailand
Tel: +66 2 946 3928 to 9
Fax: +66 2 946 3927


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